Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pop Pop Pop (Culture) Goes My Mind

Enough about me.

Okay, not really. Okay so
Inside Man comes out tomorrow but i've already seent (s *not* ic) it in London. Dope. Dope. Dope. As i'm sure you've heard, its not your typical bank heist flick. Which is good cuz Spike Lee ain't your typical director. One review called it the Anti-Crash movie. I guess i can kinda see where he's going with it.

CNN is slacking. Not that that in and of itself is shocking, but i walked into the break room on my floor on 3 different occasions and saw
this same story being featured non-stop on air. They had helicopter footage of homeboy running thru Central Park, they showed graphic maps of the area, they speculated intensely on where he might have come from, they interview'd park rangers and Coyote activists. I mean really. This is deserving of national airtime? There is nothing more important to be focusing on in the world?

Chicken Little is gone from American Idol. No biggie but the _real_ tragedy is that he somehow got it in his head that he was some kinda sex symbol. *shivers* Now only 3 more duds left to get rid of then we'll *really* have a competition. Am I the only one who wants someone to break down crying when they get voted off and refuse to sing a swan song? I just hate the puppetry at work in those instances...

and i want one of

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Jehan said...

seems like i been one of the few to view 'the inside man' as less than flawless.

i dug it an' all, but absent the shout-out to 'sal's famous' and spike's patented sullen-eyed-conveyer-belt-crawl shot, i felt it coulda been greater. the green-lensed flashbacks were ill, particular as they were slid in w/out explanation, but the wrap-up across several scenes was forced and flimsy. s'like money knew the audience could keep up only so long, and ain' wanted to lose them w/ consistent pacing.

conversely, that denzel was dirty (imsayin', even just slightly dusty) was a nice touch, and that owen was crystal clean (imsayin', 'least just sorta shiny) was original too. i prolly miss homie's dialogue, is all (whether trains pass thru grand central or not, was as close as we got to spike's standard greek chorus of losers). why they all frowning on the billboard, tho'? does the squint somehow lend an urgency to their roles? does that convey a complexity and/or sombre feel that the marketeers is tryna slang?

as for a.i., i been surpised @ the level of skill exhibited there, far more so than my own country. paula done gassed that lil' chicken child up (w/ diesel, tho'). an' i can't tell you how pleased i am that you class ace's wannabe georgemichael/joeylawrence hybrid ass as a 'dud'. real for real.

as for aw-hell-naw histrionics an' hi-jinks, i was sorta disappointed in brenna's exit. her personality almost sold me the dream that a shotgun would be cocked, instead of just her booty in a medley of blackplanet-pic poses. "call me clive" definitely ain' have the same impact as "this... is a muthafukkin' stick-up".