Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's too early to go to bed

But i'm exhausted. I stayed up late watching the Oscars, but all I remember is:

Martin Scorcese: 0
Three 6 Mafia: 1

I love Jon Stewart. And now i'm sad because i'm too tired to stay up and watch him on the Daily Show tonite.

My least favorite thing about any award show: When they show the "folks who recently died" montage and heads be clapping at the photos...what's that about? Am i the only one who considers it inappropriate to clap when one is reminded of someone's death? And then to make matters worse, it turns into some kind of morose popularity contest. Some Poor Animation Editor gets no love while Ossie Davis' photograph gets a cacophany ( i love that word) of applause. Now imagine Poor Animation Editor's family chillin' in the audience...they might feel slighted or dismayed at the lack of emotion for their dearly departed. Its just unfair and rude. If you must clap, clap at the end.

On another note, this blog sorely needs photos and cutesy links but i gotta figure out how to do that shit, ok? Excuse me whilst i retire for the evening...

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