Wednesday, March 22, 2006

March 23, 2005

That's one year ago, tomorrow. That was the day that J first sent me a photo of him. That was the first time i saw his face but had no idea that it would be the catalyst for so many changes in my life.

I was planning a trip to London just cuz i'd never been...i knew J thru some 'mutual friends' but we'd never met...he agreed to meet up with me while i was there to show me around a bit. But i felt a little weird not knowing what he looked like at all so i asked for a photo...just to be safe and all. He was very very reluctant as he didn't think he was attractive. So i was bracing for this hideous man that i'd have to endure looking at for an entire day. Hell i figured it couldn't be so bad.

So then he finally relents and sends me one of him and his lil cousin. I open the email and there's this fine ass, fly brother looking back at me. He had a goatee that framed one the sexiest pair of lips i'd ever seen. Not attractive?!?! Right then and there i knew he was crazy. And i liked crazy.

Now here we are...a year after that photo. Deeply in love with an ocean between us. Thank goodness we are fortunate enough to be able to cross it with a good amount of regularity. It was so fun coming to work on Monday and having people say "How was your weekend?" and i reply, "oh it was great. I spent it in London." then i smile to myself as i cherish all the memories...

every now and then
i look up
at nothing, really.
but i just picture giant hands coming down
two hands
wide hands
they set themselves just so
on both sides of the Atlantic
and push push push
and push some more
until Journal Square is just a 20 min tube ride
from Ealing Broadway.

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