Monday, March 13, 2006

La Casa Segunda

If i could predict the future, i'd probably say that someday i'll live in London. Especially if my life stays on the current path that its on, it just seems very likely. And i won't mind at all. Or maybe i just secretly want to be one of those "I've got a house in.." people. I imagine myself completing that sentence with "London", "the islands" or even "the Hamptons".

Before i'd ever been to London, i'd imagined it very differently than how i found it almost a year ago. In my mind, everybody was trendy and fashionable, house and funk music blared from every open window, people ate fish and chips all day and worshipped the Queen all night. The streets were a blur of tall red buses, buskers and guardsmen and every businessman wore a tweed blazer. It represented success and wealth.

Although this weekend will be my fourth time there, I still have so much more of London to discover. I've found it fascinating but confusing. I'm used to the street grid of New York City, so to find myself in a place where you need a map to walk around the block, was shocking. I enjoy being out of my element tho. My comfort zone is often not very comforting. Especially as an American. I can't help but wonder what some Londoners are thinking when i start talking...I see the double-takes. Do they regard me, a Black American, with disdain or pity or wonderment? A mixture of all or none?

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