Friday, June 29, 2007

Station Break.

Please excuse the bad lighting and sound. I'm new at this videoblogging stuff. I'm just trying to be like Miss Princess.


Piscean Princess said...

I am mad that you broke into song at the end!!! Ok, I'm really not that mad, but how funny are you in the middle of the night.

I hope you have a successful move. Are you going far? Something bigger & better?

I feel you on the distracted singing & dancing tip. That's what ALWAYS happens to me when I'm supposed to be cleaning the house...I turn on the "Classic R&B" channel on my digital cable, and after an hour, I'm spent. It's hard to be Gladys AND the Pips, and all of the Temptations, and all 4 Tops and all of those other takes a lot of energy!

Have a pleasant and smooth transition. "See" you soon!

Damali said...

The move was fine..just very stressful but that's normal for moves, right? i moved from Jersey City to Newark...which adds and extra 25 min to my commute. but no biggie really.

and it was my birthday today :)

Piscean Princess said...


Oh, now I'm all sentimental from last year's b-day when we were new BFFs...

Well, un-stress your self and have some good thoughts (and possible some good wine or the adult beverage of your choice) on this, your special day.....the day of your birth!

re: the move - So you've got the cool mayor now in Newark. I had said I was gonna keep him on my radar, ever since I saw him on Oprah.

Moving is supposed to be stressful. And I think it's supposed to be 3x as much stress when you have children. So if you're stressed out, you're probably doing it right!

Piscean Princess said...

yes, i knew it...i just went back to your b-day post from last year. it was the first time you posted a picture of yourself (and your cute new sundress! and your super smile-y boys!). and that was back when we were experimenting with the Audiopost.

we go waaaaaay back!

(I am cracking myself up over here!)

anyway, happy birthday.....and happy week and happy move, and just general happy...from me to you

Damali said...

wow we really do go way back! a year goes so quickly.

and i laughed so hard at picturing you being all the temptations and're a mess.

Corey Booker. he's something else...kinda like a rock star. i stopped by his office in city hall the other day but he was in a press conference. my kids wanted to meet him but i secretly did too. his secretaries were really nice. if he gets a second term in Newark (which is the only way he can make long-term changes), i could definitely see him running for governor or something else. He will be one to watch. should we call him "Baby Obama"?

Piscean Princess said...

re: C. Booker - did you see the Salon article on Dr. Marc's blog today?

Damali said...

i skimmed it and made a mental note to read it thoroughly when i get home tonite.