Monday, June 04, 2007

Japan Day @ Central Park

Reason #4,080 why New York is the greatest city in the world...Japan Day festival!

I was so excited to read about this in Time Out New York and it did not disappoint. In fact, it far exceeded my expectations. There was an entire day planned with stage performances, karaoke contest, anime costume contest and karate demonstrations. There were also stations all around the perimeter. Robots and video games. Calligraphy. Toys, and food.

The kids and i got in a really long line for some gyo-za (dumplings) and by the time we got to the front, we realized that the food was free. FREE?!?! I couldn't believe it. There were four different food stations with dumplings, noodles, sushi, and curry...even free green tea.

I was so proud of my boys for trying all the different foods and honing their chopstick skills. It's important to me that they experience lots of different cultures. Also taking them to this festival was a small way for me to make it up to them for not being able to take them to Japan. I didn't say that to them, but they probably knew it anyway. I'm really glad I got to share it all with them.

You can see the rest of my photos here on flickr.


Piscean Princess said...

This makes me smile. Your youngest son is always making that twisted lip "I'm not smiling" face in pictures! And good for them for knowing how to use chopsticks. I didn't learn until last year, not because no one wanted to show me but because I'm way too greedy & didn't ever want to waste time fooling around with some utensil when I could be eating!

Damali said...

yeah chopsticks do require a certain amount of patience. i'm glad you've learned's fun after a while. and it helps us digest food better :)

swanee swifty said...

well, you've been up to a lot!

hey stranger - ran into Stephanie this weekend & thought of you.

scanning the okp photo contest & saw your blog so i checked you out. [the boys are so BIG!]

feel free to do the same. MUCH has changed. :)

Damali said...

Hey Ms. Wright! thanks for stopping by! Yes, those boys are growing faster than i can buy sneakers. size 6 one week, size 7 the next.

hope all is well and imma stop by your blog and see what's what. although i have an inkling of what has changed :) i know you too well, girl

Guess Who said...

Both of your sons like their mother.