Saturday, June 16, 2007


lonely ball, originally uploaded by Tijs van Bragt.

have you ever wished you could erase everyone's memory of you? that you could reset the way they see you and what they think of you? start fresh.

i want that thing that the Men In Black used. flash a light and they all forget. when they come to, they have shiny new eyes. they see someone strong and sensible and smart standing before them. they don't know you're lost. they don't see your scrambled brains. they see someone wise and someone who knows what is right for themselves. they see someone they want to be around. they understand you.

and then you have a chance to do things right. you have a chance to be coherent. you have a chance to start out on their page instead of in the footnotes. you have a chance to pretend your mistakes didn't happen.

but none of that exists. i'm stuck with the mess. and the mess drives people away.

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