Wednesday, June 13, 2007

He's Away.

First born, originally uploaded by damali101.

For the whole week. His first trip away from home without his family. I dropped him off on Sunday morning at the school. I don't think i was as nervous as some of the other parents. I fussed over him a little but only because he had forgotten to put on deodorant, so i made him go in the bathroom, rectify that situation and change the funky t-shirt.

It was hard to leave though. I realized it was time to go when i was just standing around, doing nothing and having that "should we leave?" conversation with other parents. Some parents just sat out in the car...probably until the tour bus pulled off. But i didn't want to do that. I felt it was best to leave him to his business.

I'm pretty certain that he slept for most of the 4+ hour ride to D.C. And i know how much he loves hotels and doubt he's happy. But i miss him. I've received the uber-brief, nightly phone call, mainly consisting of his assurance that he's o-k, even though I don't ask that question. But he knows how parents think. Already; at 11.


Piscean Princess said...

aaaww! You miss your baby....cute picture. It'll be time to go pick him up again before you know it. Are you & lil man doing something fun & exclusive this week while big brother is away?

Damali said...

yup one more night and he's back home. Marius and I went out for a Japanese dinner this week. He's the one that's into trying new foods and his brother isn't. So we had a nice fun dinner with just the two of us. He ate everything..sushi, maki, edamame...even green tea ice cream.