Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wednesday Night Fun

Celebrity Real Names:

Alan Alda -- Alphonso d'Abruzzo

Woody Allen -- Allen Stewart Konigsberg

Lauren Bacall -- Betty Joan Perske

Pat Benatar -- Patricia Andrzejewski

Robert Blake -- Michael Gubitosi

David Bowie -- David Robert Hayward-Jones

Diahann Carroll -- Carol Diahann Johnson

Chubby Checker -- Ernest Evans

Chick Corea -- Armando Anthony Corea

Sheena Easton -- Sheena Shirley Orr

Redd Foxx -- John Elroy Sanford

Robert Guillaume -- Robert Peter Williams

Billie Holiday -- Eleanora Fagan

Ben Kingsley -- Krishna Bhanji

I could go on and on....i love that kinda stuff. I can just hear all the Hollywood agents on some "uh...that name just isn't gonna work in this town. It's too plain/too ethnic. We're gonna have to find something else to call you"

Does that still go on? Are modern day celebs still changing their names? I mean i do know that Alicia's last name isn't Keyes but there definitely weren't very many under 35 celebs in that almanac.

I guess agents feel we live in a more tolerant (i hate that word) society nowadays. That Americans (or more importantly, casting directors) will accept an actor named La Donna Andrea Gaines and not expect her to change her name to Donna Summer.

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