Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Flip Flop

Just when i've sworn off commenting on celebrity news, Lynne points me to an article about people messin' with my girl. This part gave me pause tho:

"Early last week, Ludacris, while promoting the basketball documentary "Heart of the Game," said that despite the rumors, he is not calling for a boycott of Winfrey's show. He said he would go back on the program if it were filmed live. He also said Oprah should invite a gaggle of MCs on at one time to have an intelligent discussion about hip-hop"

Delusions of grandeur anyone? First of all, Ludracis couldn't call a boycott on Oprah. Like who does he think he is? That's beyond laughable. Secondly, why would she even want him back? And lastly, any MCs that Ludacris would suggest be involved in this so-called "intelligent discussion about hip-hop" would probably fail miserably at the task. Cuz then they'd be forced to answer for why the hip-hop they personally produce ain't remotely intelligent.

ok wait. Did he actually use the word 'gaggle'? I highly HIGHLY doubt it. Not saying that he couldn't but that just don't sound like a word he would say. In fact, if i ever met him, i'd ask him to say it out loud just for kicks..


Piscean Princess said...

Girl, him & 50 and Killa Mike have all gone completely off the deep end. There has been some interesting conversation over at Dr. Marc's site.

it started when this guy was guest posting

then there was this mess

but I'm sure you'll agree that this pretty much ends it

Does he think that she is required to share his words with her audience? I saw the episode that he's all worked up about, did you? I thought he (and Terrence and Don C.) said more than enough on the n-word issue. If any of them, O included, had said any more, the entire show would have turned into a dumb ass argument over why it's ok to use the word.

Damali said...

i wish i had seen the interview...maybe i'll look for it on those conversations are wild..

Piscean Princess said...

Well what's so silly about Ludacris' gripe is that the program was about the movie Crash. There were a zillion people on the panel and she tied the movie in to some discussions about defining racism in out everyday thoughts & deeds.

The n-word conversation came up because some lady said,

"I grew up in an environment where my family, friends and neighbors used this word regularly to describe blacks. I found out after leaving my home town that this is not a commonly accepted practice, but I'm confused because they say it to. So now I just think it. Am I a racist?"

So the conversation sprang from that. Oprah basically told all those boys (Luda, Terrence and Don C.) that she thinks it should be banned and gave each of them about 30 seconds to defend their use of it. Then she told them she wasn't buying it and she kept it moving.

I got the feeling that she was trying to keep the discussion as light as possible since Mr. Bridges was there & she didn't want to get into a hostile debate with one of her guests.

In my estimation, as someone who saw the show, I think that Chris has overestimated his importance a wee bit.

Damali said...

thanks for the recap. and yeah it doesn't seem like she did anything out of the ordinary or specifically against him or hiphop. She takes issue with that word; as do i and many other blacks from the older generation...the generation who had that word and the meaning behind it plunged into their souls over and over. the youngins (me included) just don't know what that's like