Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it. - Jane Wagner

Ain't that the truth.

That explains why so many people attempt to escape it. Whether through entertainment, books, vacations, drugs, sex or whatever the means...sometimes, and finally, even suicide.

At this point in my life, i'm more aware of current events and the ills of society and the world than i've ever been. Optimism has always been my salvation. I've always needed to believe that things would be better (in my own life and in the larger world) because to face the opposite is too much. I've often wondered how pessismists even stay sane. As reality tightens its grip on me, i'm beginning to see just how brown and brittle the grass is on the other side.


Piscean Princess said...


I'm ashamed to admit that I've only recently made myself aware of what's going on in the world around me. I was so heartbroken and ashamed of myself after seeing Hotel Rwanda that I couldn't live another day pretending that nothing important was happening outside of my cozy little space. It's hard to stay on top of things since I refuse to watch the news (unless it's Anderson Cooper).

It is extremely stressful. Fortunately for me, escapism is built into my personality. And I employ all of the methods you listed (except no drugs anymore, I had to leave that back in undergrad....ok, maybe I let it drag on for a year or 2 after undergrad but I don't do it anymore! and suicide, not so much).

Damali said...

i've just recently found out how awesome Anderson Cooper is...Oprah had him on (and his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt) and he talked about his life...very fascinating interview and i have a new respect for him.

Do you read news online? American TV news has become trite and sensational but there are alot of websites like BBC News, Briet Bart and Think Progress that do a good job of it.

and uh yeah. i'm a born escapist. now i just gotta learn how to escape from escapism. Quite a conundrum (one of my favoirte words)

Piscean Princess said...

Yeah the only way I really get any news is online. I get the paper delivered on the weekend, but I usually skip over the non-local political stuff. Plus, by the time I read the paper, I've already read half the articles online. (It's a sad sad day for print newspapers!)

I like BBC, Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post (have you been keeping up with their "Being A Black Man" series?). I'll have to check out the other 2 you mentioned.

I got acquainted with Anderson during Katrina. He was one of the only people who I could watch all day. I really liked Soledad, too. AC has been on O a few times now, but I haven't seen the most recent interview. (I'm so behind!)

Speaking of O, I can remember a time when all the news I got came from watching her show. I sure am glad I've stepped it up a notch!

Jehan said...

i'm gradually tryna understand that escaping is little more than postponement. the dogs are still after me, the sirens are still blazing, and i will ultimately, be caught.

altho' i know i know this, little daily moves of mine still show trace elements of escapism in the bloodstream.

i just need to do my time nice and quiet, and to remember that every tallymark on the wall brings me closer to my date of release to a better reality.

Damali said...


if you can pull that off then you're miles ahead of most of us. cuz most times it feels like i'm in for life w/no parole..that i'll never see the light of day. so my little daily escapes are all the freedom i have...

maybe it turns out that i'm actually more pessimistic than you are. imagine that...