Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Empty Highway.

Hello to the 3 people that reguarly check-in here. You know who you are. And since i regularly check my Site Meter, i do too. I just want to thank you for reading. And a special thank you goes to the Princess for her constant stream of comments. J too, even tho he doesn't read or comment as much as he used to. It's cool tho. People are busy and have better things to do.

I sometimes struggle with why i write here and what i had hoped to accomplish. I guess i initially had hoped for interaction and discussion with people via my comments section, like i see on other blogs but that has turned out to be more difficult than i had anticipated. I don't advertise my blog on the web (and i don't really think i want to, per se), none of my friends read it (or if they do, they don't comment) and most people who stumble upon it don't stay.

There could be many reasons for those reasons. One, my content is not often that interesting or compelling to most people. I'm fine with that. I write for me and maybe too much about me. I think alot of people want more witty commentary on celebrity gossip and news. Or it could be just that the blog is not focused enough. It's too all over the's not just about politics or just about race, or just about social issues. It's not *just* about anything. Maybe it's about what goes on in my head (which changes alot) so ultimately that's only gonna be interesting to me.

So then that settles it. Since i really have no audience, i can just not think so much about what to write or how to write it. I'll just let things flow when the mood suits me.


Piscean Princess said...

Ok, well you obviously have a lot to say now! I can't keep up with all your posts today - I'm commenting as fast as I can!

I see lots of bloggers struggling with the "why am I doing this" question, even the ones who have large followings. I'm glad you're coming to terms with the why and the for whom. And ultimately I think that it should be for you and you only, no matter who's reading.

I don't think that our friends should ever be too busy to read our blogs. What else could they possibly have to do? It has taken a lot for me to come to terms with that. There are people in my close circle that I knew would not read my blog. What I didn't expect was for them to trivialize my interest in it. It hurts. But I guess that qualifies as one of the times you have to accept your friends for who they are.

Personally I love your format. It's exciting to click on your address & not know if I'm going to find out what you're reading or see something socio-political or discover the latest act of dumbassery committed in Hollywood. So I'm glad you're not trying to put your blog into a box. I read enough blogs like that & it gets tiring sometimes.

Isn't Site Meter cool? I just put it on last week and I can't get enough of it. You wouldn't believe how many people arrive at my blog after doing a Google search on "chocolate brown pants" or "young ebony teens". It's hilarious!

I hope that this flurry of posts today means that you're feeling good about the purpose & content & readership of your blog. :)

Damali said...

i can't even tell you how much everything you just said means to me...just to know that someone is reading makes me feel good. and you're absolutely right. my blog is just fine. And i guess after this entry, i did feel better about saying/writing whatever i want and not worrying about how it's received in the rest of the blogsphere (or by the people that i love).

and you know how alot of people have found my blog? by searches for "pop locking lessons". hell, if there's that much of a demand, maybe i should start a school.