Friday, June 16, 2006

Nikki said it for me.

I’m Not Lonely
by Nikki Giovanni

i’m not lonely
sleeping all alone
you think i’m scared

but i’m a big girl
i don’t cry
or anything

i have a great
big bed
to roll around
in and lots of space
and i don’t dream
bad dreams
like i used
to have that you
were leaving me

now that you’re gone
i don’t dream
and no matter
what you think
i’m not lonely
all alone


Piscean Princess said...

It's so funny that you put this up. i was considering taking one of today's poems from over at Dr. Marc's, either this one or "Celibacy". I think omo wrote it (?).

One of the others that I liked, I had never fully absorbed the one line "I cannot be comprehended except by my permission".


For me, that line is just as powerful as the oft quoted "I am so hip even my errors are correct"

Damali said...

i gotta check Dr. Marc's site more...i swear i just don't have the time to keep up with all the blogs i like. I try to limit my exposure to too many new blogs cuz that means i'll check the other ones even less...

and yeah that poem really got to me when i read it. Nikki just has a way of just making the simplest of emotions feel so precious. The lonlieless just jumps outta that piece...sonia sanchez is another favorite of mine for that very reason. my favorite of hers:

i gather up
each sound you left behind
on our bed
i breathe them
and become high