Thursday, June 01, 2006

Coming Soon to Ya Homie's Crib

For real. Honestly. Like it's even available for advance purchase on Amazon. I'm still in shock as I type's an excerpt:

"The Lord is all that, I need for nothing. He allows me to chill. He keeps me from being heated and allows me to breathe easy. He guides my life so that I can represent and give shouts out in his Name. And even though I walk through the Hood of death, I don't back down for you have my back. The fact that you have me covered allows me to chill. He provides me with back-up in front of my player-haters and I know that I am a baller and life will be phat. I fall back in the Lord's crib for the rest of my life."

Honestly, my first thought was: I wonder if 'the Lord's crib' also has a pool table, a piano that no one knows how to play, a poster of Scarface and a flat screen TV with surround sound?

Oh and i forgot to mention that the cover is in imitation leather. yeah.

As a hip-hop head from the 80s and as a former b-girl, i'm embarrassed. I mean i'm all for trying to reach the youngins...for trying to keep their heads on straight and give them some direction in life. But this just seems a little short-sighted. Besides the fact that slang changes so frequently, it just seems to be trying a bit too hard. I mean was there a Pothead Hippie Prayer Book filled with 'dude', 'groovy' and references to weed culture? Were they promised to be able to 'light a fat one' in 'the Lord's pad'?

My issues with the Bible et. al. aside, i don't think kids should be pandered to in this way. They should be encouraged to rise to the challenge of personal accountability, responsibility and impending adulthood, yes, but not by stooping to their level. That's just backwards.

Eric John agrees with me, although i don't agree with his indictment of hip hop culture as a whole. Uh, yes. It is a real culture. Don't get me started....

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Jehan said...

nah, son of Man.

s'just hi-tech dialect for God, god. the big homie's got our back, blak. imsayintho', The Word is bond.

long as the logic's the same, ain' no need to get cain/abel w/ it. long as we learn sumthin', ain' no reason to be no judas, yo.

in the name of son, son, popdukes and the holy swayze,
for thine is the bling, forever(ever, forever ever, forever ever), hell yeeuh.

Damali said...

no this is not funny! you're supposed to be embarrassed!

(ok for eva eva was kinda funny but still)