Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kindness Is A Disease

Kindness is a disease. And it's contagious. Its important for everyone to be infected so that it can spread. And it will.

I've been on this mission for a while...not only consciously; it just comes natural to me to be kind and generous to people. And it often deeply saddens me how few people share in that.

I was on the PATH train this morning and it was standing-room-only. I found an empty corner, adopted my stance and settled into my book. At the first stop, a heavy woman with a cane gets on and labours her way to a pole to hold onto. She's in plain view of everyone that is sitting down and i thought for sure, that someone would offer her a seat. But the SCDBD kicked in. (Sudden Commuter Deafness and Blindness Disorder) It's a debilitating disease that is often trigger by the boarding of pregnant and disabled passengers. The affected almost immediately fall asleep or become completely absorbed in the latest supermarket novel/tabloid.

I closed my book and prepared to make my move. The train sped off toward the next stop and i observed the woman struggle to maintain her simulataneous grip on the pole and her cane. At the next stop, when the train was safely halted, i calmly walked over to the afflicted/seated passengers and said:

"Excuse me, everyone. Would anyone mind giving their seat to this woman? She has a cane and i'm sure that its difficult to stand for long periods of time."

There were a few moments of hesitation as they all quickly glanced at each other to see who would get up first. Finally one really slim man made his move and grudgingly gave his seat while no one else budged. The woman thanked me profusely. I just said 'no problem' and walked away to find another place to stand...

I swear, if i didn't love people so much, i'd hate they inconsiderate asses. But it's cool. It's my mission and i've chosen to accept it.

*Dons dark sunglasses*


Piscean Princess said...

You will probably never know the guilt you inflicted on those folks. I bet they won't ever forget the sound of your voice as you nicely scolded them for being inconsiderate.

Good for you!

Damali said...

haha i want them waking up in a cold sweat!