Monday, April 09, 2007


2 RunDMC flyer, originally uploaded by The Canon Rattman.


Before I write about my beloved legends, I gotta send a huge shoutout to
Flickr. I love love love their site. Not only do they make it easy and fun to archive your own photos, you have access to zillions of other photos that you can use in blogs. There's even a handy button above every photo that says "Blog this". Bling Blam. And it even takes care of the whole "photo credit" issue. Sweeeet.

So yeah, that flyer above. I think i was just starting
high school when that tour began and i was so bummed that my dad wouldn't let me go. He felt i would be trampled and killed (or worse) at a rap concert. My little boom bap'd heart was broken for weeks.

Run DMC and LL Cool J epitomized hiphop for me and i wanted to emulate them in every way. I salivated over my first pair of shelltop Adidas, attempted to save up for a fresh Kangol hat, and was jealous of everybody i saw wearing an Adidas track suit. I even tried to write rhymes (thank goodness none of those still exist.)

Fast forward 20 years later (jesus christ, 20 years later!) and my new favorite TV show is
Run's House. Reverend Joseph "Run" Simmons is the new Cliff Huxtable. If the Cosby Show were a reality show, this would be it. He's just as wise and just as silly as Cliff Huxtable. And he happens to also have 5 amazing kids and an adorable wife. Family meetings on the couch are a regular occurrence. The kids range in ages from 8 years old to adulthood. The show is fun, wholesome, funny, poignant, funny and inspiring. And as a super-bonus, we get to have occasional outrageously witty repartee between Run and his eccentric brother, Russell Simmons.

The show is in it's 3rd season but i'm still catching up on the older reruns. My sister told me about it a while back, but at that time, i wasn't quite ready to add another entree onto my TV dinner plate. My idiot box cup runneth over like a muh-fucka. Between Oprah, Heroes, The Sopranos, Entourage, and American Idol, I don't get no damn sleep! School work suffers! Children go hungry! Villages burn!

ok it ain't that bad but yeah.


Piscean Princess said...

you makin' me smile today

oh, wait, I was already smiling

well anyway, this makes me smile. you know I love going down memory lane.

Damali said...

girl imma be that old lady that annoys young people cuz all she can talk about is "back in my day"...

Piscean Princess said...

I'm already that lady

Rattman said...

I'm glad you liked my flyer.. the concert was rockin.. I liked the show in Long beach better with Run DMC & the Red Hot Chili Peppers.. aaaamaaazing show! & yes. Flickr rocks!!