Thursday, April 19, 2007

1 Day Until Japan

so much to do and so much will go undone....i will not sleep tonite which is fine becuz then that should make it easier to sleep on the plane.

I'm working on a photo journal of my final day of preparations for my trip. this is kinda fun... i should be posting it later tonite. i want to do some videoblogging too so i may work on that while i'm away.

here's some Japan culture trivia: the women in the above photo with the white powder on their faces are not all geisha; some are maiko. maiko are apprentice geisha. Once you become a full geisha, the white powder is no longer required. They can wear it during special performances, though. In Kyoto, geisha are referred to as "geiko"

Also notice that the singular and plural nouns in Japanese are one and the same. One would not say "geishas" or "maikos".

ok i'll be back later. class dismissed.

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