Sunday, April 08, 2007

12 Days Until Japan

pestulent poser, originally uploaded by Mr. Mark.

I can't believe it's this soon. I'm ready but i'm not ready. It still doesn't seem real...

Winning this trip in a sweepstakes is definitely among the top three Most Surreal Things To Ever Happen to Me. With the other two being

-dancing onstage with Prince at Madison Square Garden

-holding a $64,000 check in my hand after appearing on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

I have so much more to say about Japan but i need to get to sleep...


Piscean Princess said...

Ok, well duh. I guess I got my Japan question answered.

Congratulations, girl - that's awesome! And I'm tripping on your other 2 Surreal things. WOW! to both of them. Seriously, what else can I say except WOW!

Damali said...

thanks! girl i have to write that shit out to see it for myself and remind myself how lucky i have been in my so many ways. it's insane.