Friday, April 13, 2007

The Holy Grail?

So I've decided on the gifts that i will bring to Japan. It will be something sweet and tasty and not able to be bought outside of the not Hideki Matsui! Girl Scout Cookies! I think my hosts will love them. And if they don't, I can eat them. It's a win-win.

Now back to "Godzilla". I had mentioned to co-workers that i was trying to think of gifts and they were like "you gotta bring Yankee hats! The Japanese are crazy about Hideki Matsui and love any and everything that has to do with him. He is considered a national treasure. When Japanese tourists come to America, they clean out the stores that have Yankee merchandise." Ok so maybe I should actually find Yankee t-shirts with his name on the back and give those away as gifts. Only a few though because that could get expensive.

Then thinking about all this brought something else to mind: I should buy a bunch of Matsui shirts and sell them on the streets of Kyoto!
Lillakanarie says:

"He grew up in small town near Komatsu airport. People of Ishikawa think he is greater than Yoshiro Mori, former prime minister, from same town of Matsui. Sometime, his news is more important than other big news occured in Tokyo or Iraq or USA or so."

If those shirts are that much of a hot commodity, imagine the profits i could make! Knowing my luck, i'd get arrested for bootlegging. But what if i don't do it out in the open? What if i just happen to strike up conversations with random folks and happen to mention that i've got some hot shirts i need to get rid of? Would someone turn me in? This DJ i know says whenever he goes to Japan, he sells mad mixtapes and i know he doesn't have a license. I should talk to him.

Sheeit, i know i'm too much of a punk to do anything like that. I'll most likely just bring one or two shirts and give one to the president of Hoyu if i meet him/ know, thank them for the sweepstakes and all. And maybe give the other to the receptionist. Gotta look out for the little people...

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