Sunday, April 08, 2007

I'm supposed to be reading Plato

Death of Socrates, originally uploaded by Maulleigh.

More specifically, The Last Days of Socrates. Thankfully, I only have to read one piece in that book, The Apology. There just wasn't time to read it this weekend with the kids here. They had so much of their own work that i needed to help them with.

I can't believe how lucky i got with this first class. The workload is fairly light and Prof pretty much loves whatever I write, even when I KNOW it's crappy. But hey, i'm not complaining. If he's happy, I'm happy.

We have this 6-page paper due in two weeks and i haven't started it yet. I would like to complete it before I leave for Japan so that i don't have to stress over it. I WAS going to write a critique on a rap song, but i've realized it's going to be way more challenging than he deserves. No disrespect to Prof, but if he's cool with my output at it's current level, i see no need to expend extra intellectual energy to impress him. I'll save that for a Prof who's actually kicking my ass. I need to conserve energy right now. I have a feeling my next two classes are going to be taxing.

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