Friday, January 06, 2006

Prayer doesn't work.

i'm sure it has value in a meditation i'm sure you get alot out of the quiet concentration and contemplation..maybe even calling upon your inner strength. but actual prayer often requires belief that someone or something will _answer_ your prayer and make the thing you're praying for happen/come true.

that just doesn't seem to happen most of the time...i mean i don't pray and i'm sure that the things i want/hope for come to me at about the same rate of success/failure as the average person who does pray.

how many people were praying for those miners? how many people prayed for tsunami and Katrina victims?

i think prayer helps the person who's praying feel stronger, calmer and maybe more optimistic. and that's definitely a good thing in a crisis situation. But when things turn out well and someone says "our prayers were answered", i can't help but roll my eyes. Like even if i did believe in God, i'd never be so self-centered as to think that he/she actually has time/inclination to do what i ask. The universe is too vast. I'm a grain of sand on a beach, so to speak. Insignificant in the bigger picture. i mean really.

Besides that, in the realm of the universe, death is not a "tragedy". Its simply a part of existing. everything begins and ends. the beginning nor the end is any kind of anomaly. so i would then further assume that God would not see an impending human death as something to alter. Its a normal occurence. that would be like God attempting to stop a glass vase from falling off a countertop. Why? It just is what it is.

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