Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Guy

I can safely say that i currently possess (yes i said possess gotdammit!) the most wonderful guy that ever walked the earth. There should be a Great Guy Olympics so my boo can take home the gold medal.

You don't understand. If somebody had told me a guy like this existed, i'da laughed in they face, walked away, then chuckled to myself for weeks afterwards on some 'muhfuckas be trippin'. Lemme break it down for ya:

1. He's brilliant. No really. Not just smart; not just intelligent...brilliant. Superior intellect and capacity for reasoning/logic. I don't throw that word around lightly and have only claimed that one other person in my life was "brilliant". It wasn't apparent at first but the more you talk to him (if he'll open up to you..haha) the more it becomes obvious.

2. He's romantic. Erase any images of flowers, candy, gifts or hand-kissing from your mind cuz that ain't what i mean. True romance is the little things...the fact that he is ALWAYS (read: always) thinking of what's best for me, what would make me happy..goes out of his way to make sure that i feel loved every day...he constantly puts my feelings and needs ahead of his. He listens when i talk and values my opinions. He protects me, physically and emotionally. Even when we *fight*, he's fair, compassionate and patient.

I could list 20 more but you get the gist. Its a man like this that makes me want to do anything for him...i love to cook for him and to serve him...If he gives me advice, i listen...if he asks something of me, i comply. how can i not? He gives me soooo much that I'm honored to show my appreciation.

This is the kind of relationship I've longed for my entire life. Its beyond fulfilling. It's just whole. Complete.

Like Diana Ross said 'there's not a man today who could take me away from my guy..."

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