Friday, January 27, 2006

The BOHO label.

i really really really really hate that shit. It's getting way overused and downright insulting. Just because you see a black person w/locs does NOT automatically mean they boho. Shit i know actual bohos that keep the weave and/or relaxer quite fresh. I mean folks make that shit sound evil or inferior in some way. Or maybe they just love to find a neat little box to put people in that they feel different from. on some holier than thou shit. yes i think that's it.

I have locs but I don't own anything knitted, nor do i wear lots of layers, nor do i wear burlap or patchwork, nor do i use black soap and black toothpaste. And i haven't been to Carol's Daughter in years. All this boho finger pointing just seems like another way for black people to separate themselves from each other. As if there's something wrong with wanting to look/be non-mainstream. As if there's something wrong with supporting small businesses and independent entrepreneurs. Yo I can't even tell you how many loc-girl vs. Dark-n-Lovely-girl verbal catfights i done seen...why? what's the point?

my hair is my business. i have my own personal reasons for loc'ing and i don't like people making the assumption that i've jumped on some imaginary burlap bandwagon.

but getting away from the boho thing for a second...i wonder how many women who relax their hair know how damaging it is to their scalp and hair follicles? i mean if you know and you still do it, that's cool. at least you're informed. i kinda see it like how smokers know what they're doing to their lungs but they still puff..personal choice. not that i'm implying that relaxing your hair is anywhere near as life-threatening as smoking but yeah...

I used to relax my hair. Back when they still had lye in that shit...i'll never forget the panic i felt when my hairline started burning...oh and don't let none get on your ears...jesus! i'd be sitting there tapping my feet, shaking and close to tears cuz i wanted to get that white shit rinsed outta my head so bad..i'd be pleading with the hair dresser and she'd just say, "you want it straight, right? Well it ain't gonna be straight if you wash it out too quick!". I knew that meant at least 5 more minutes of agony. And 1 week of scabs on the back of my head.

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