Monday, February 04, 2008

As If I Needed Any Proof

In the future, when going to the barbershop on a Sunday, I'll make sure to get there early. A Sunday barber is such a rare occurrence that many come from far and wide, children in tow, to get a seat.

Marius and I waited for a long time. His patience held up quite well, considering. Perhaps in a moment of boredom, he began to study his hands. Yes, a sure sign of boredom. After a while, he walked over to where i sat and held out his right hand. Pointing to two brownish moles on his palm and index finger, he asked:

"What are these, mom?"

Slowly, i held out my right hand and opened it. I showed him the two moles i have on my palm and index finger. I looked into his eyes and said softly:

"These mean that you are my son."

He beamed the most beautiful smile i'd ever seen. He didn't say anything...just went back and sat down, looking at his hand with awe. After a minute or so, he came back over to me and asked for my hand. Marius placed his index finger next to mine and stared...smiling. Just a beautiful moment that i don't want to ever forget....