Thursday, March 27, 2008

It Takes a Nation of Maple to Bring Me Back

Maple, originally uploaded by damali101.

I wish i'd known years ago that a place as fabulous as Montreal was only a 6.5-hour drive away.

People who know me personally are probably tired of hearing me drone on about how great it is but i can't stop won't stop. So here's my definitive list of why i love Montreal:

1. The People: you think i talk about Montreal too much? ask a Quebecois about their city... but only if you have 20 minutes to stand on a cold sidewalk and hear about how great every neighborhood is. the people are warm, friendly, open and love to party.

2. The Culture: it's very European. meaning a very laid back, fun, wine and coffee centered, sidewalk cafe and 500 year old buildings kinda place. i.e. Ben Franklin loved Montreal.

3. The Food: fresh baguettes and croissants, brie, fine chocolate, ice wine, maple...i could go on and on

4. The Language: Quebecois-style French is slightly different here than in France. but no's a beautiful, challenging language that was fun to attempt and i'm so inspired to learn more. the city is mainly bi-lingual so even if you don't speak it, you'll have no trouble.

5. The "Undergound City": basically a huge, 4 sq mile underground shopping mall with 20miles of connecting tunnels. a great place to hang out when the weather is brick. the best thing about it is that it was constructed right below street level (instead of waaaay underground) which allows for natural light to get in.

6. Maple lollipops. nuff said

7. See
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