Friday, January 25, 2008

The Worst Feeling

You call someone you love and they answer the phone. Their voice is all chipper. Well not exactly chipper but at the least, upbeat. When you say hello and they realize it's you, their tone drops into a low and dejected "hey". All of the blood drains from your face. Your heart stops. You feel like you've been stabbed and punched simultaneously.

I always want to just hang up in that moment. Always. Just not even say another word and try to recover. And no matter how much the person claims that they aren't unhappy to hear from you, and that everything is ok, there's just no mistaking that split-second tonal shift. You can't fake that. or un-fake it. And the pain stays with you for days...

Perhaps someday soon I'll meet someone who's voice rises when they hear it's me. Perhaps. But i'm tired of being treated like a nuisance. Oh but i'm loved...gee thanks.

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