Thursday, January 03, 2008

Back to Life; Back to Reality

Even though i came to work during those days between Christmas and New Year's, it still felt like a vacation. I wore jeans, came in late, left early, didn't do hardly any damn work. It was great. Being back this week for really's hard to get back in the groove.

One of my coworkers who sits near me got engaged over the holidays. She's been dating her boyfriend for 7 years, waiting for him to propose for the last 2. i'm really excited for her. i hope i get invited to the wedding but i doubt i will. we're not close or anything. i guess i don't expect to be, but it will be a bit of a downer if i don't...i'll live. on second thought, it's probably better if i don't get an invite. cuz i know if i go, i'll feel happy for her but probably a little jealous...

it's bitterly cold in NY today. 10 degrees with windchills below zero. i barely remember how i got to work. i wore my big giant coat w/hood and all i did was get on the train, sleep, wake up, get off, get on the next train, sleep, wake up, get off...etc. i must have looked like a zombie between transfers.


Piscean Princess said...

Hey girl! 2008 - so far so good.

I might be coming Up Top in April. If I get the ticket I'll let you know. And I'll send you my pix from Australia (whenever I get them sorted and labeled).

Hope your Holiday, Life & Reality have been & continue to be positive...

Damali said...

oh wow!!! that would be so great!! definitely let me know.

it's funny cuz i've never seen anyone refer to it as Up Top. cute

and Happy New Year