Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Today, I wanted to quit.

Today, as i walked down the street after my final exam, crying in the rain, i wanted to quit. i wanted to quit school. i'm pretty sure i barely passed the final, i made a fool of myself in front of my professor and the class by crying through half the damn test...what kinda idiot cries during an exam? i know i'm not gonna quit but i wanted to. i'm just so tired. tired of studying and tired of writing what i don't want to write. it's gonna take me at least 4 years to graduate. i've only finished one year and i don't know if i can make it...maybe i should just quit before i waste any more money...


juboom said...

DON'T QUIT! Keep going! Think of the end result (a degree & happiness).

Anonymous said...

you've cried before.

but you didn't quit then.

tears, rain, and fatigue are temporary.

ion't know how i could combi-flip 'smiles, sunshine and sleep' here in an un-corny fashion.

so i'mma just remind you of everything you already know.

you already know.

Damali said...


i'm shocked to see you here, but pleased. i appreciate you taking the time to encourage me, as always. i promise i won't quit.


can't stop won't stop. (c) Diddy


Piscean Princess said...

take this time to relax, refresh & rejuvenate yourself...

...and if you don't feel committed to getting the degree, then don't

...but if you know that this was just one obstacle in a series of victories, then get back up & get back in class. you're creating a good model for your children by being in school

Damali said...

wow. i feel like my momma just showed up and grabbed me by my earlobe...i'm going back to class, Princess. i swear :)