Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Does this mean i have to start writing more?

I mean, I do try. But when one sees people linking to one's words, one tends to feel like one must continue to churn out lovely words...

But seriously, that made me smile really big. It's simply nice to be appreciated. Thanks, Mary.

(edit: Mary took that particular post down. hmmmm...maybe she didn't like me linking to her blog. whatever.)

I also noticed another very interesting article she had really made me think hard and challenged me to walk all my talk. Here's the jist (cuz it's long but definitely a great read):

Of course, in so many ways our exploitation of our environment is unsustainable. We are obviously overly dependent on fossil fuels, which are rapidly being depleted and which produce a lot of pollution. We can reduce our consumption of fossil fuels by traveling and transporting less, which implies more localized living, working, and production. Consuming fewer manufactured goods also reduces consumption of fossil fuels. Our oceans are dying from pollution, but mainly from overfishing. Fishing methods, such as rapaciously destructive bottom trawling and the use of indiscriminately lethal drift nets are killing the oceans. While such efficient fishing methods may make a corporate accountant’s heart jump with joy, how long will it be before the oceans are devoid of life? People have to eat, but they need to do so in a way that can be sustained. We burn down Amazon rain forests to make way for cattle ranches so that fast food restaurants can manufacture cheap, toxic burgers. What if we obtained beef from a local farmer instead and ground it ourselves to make burgers? Would that not be cheaper overall, more healthful, and more sustainable? Would that not benefit our local community? Would that not have a less adverse impact on our planet?

If we grew produce in backyard gardens instead of importing it from abroad, it would obviously be far more efficient energy-wise because we would not have to ship that produce all over the world, nor even make trips in the car to buy it. What’s more, grown without pesticides, such produce would be more healthful. It would be tastier and probably more nutritious, as well. By recycling organic waste in a compost pile and combining it with waste from small animals, such as chickens, we can create a perpetually sustainable ecosystem in our own backyards. Replicating this model over the entire planet would substantially improve our harmony with our world, and go a long way toward making our existence sustainable.

But knowing me, i'd try to find a way to do both: to live within a community and behave more community-minded, but still have all the gadgets that i love. Cuz i'm definitely a gadget girl through and through. I've got a cell phone, blackberry, ipod, laptop, etc...i love cable tv. But i love people too! I swear! I mean i'm never trying to isolate myself. I've just always been a fan of technology...can i have it both ways? Please?


Jehan said...

i wonder what the 'eco' in eco-balance stands for. ecology/eco-system? or economics?

altho' in theory i'm right behind the article's (social) science, i'm uncertain whether it was thought thru beyond the idealistic sovereign agricultural utopia it champions.

imsayin', no doubt. homegrown as a concept is certainly valuable, laudable and doable. but the author doesn't examine the consequences that an even gradual departure from traditional importing would have on a developing nation, thoroughly dependent on larger western powers as a client.

imsayin', i can't see this not upsetting the delicate eco(nomic)-balance between us and a developing nation, wh/ in turn could dramatically upset the eco(logical)-balance.

Jehan said...

and yes. even tho' you won't believe me, all that does mean you have to start writing more.

Damali said...

i believe you. and i'm 'trying' :)

Damali said...

eco stands for the ecological system

and that's a good question...i'm guessing the author thinks that all the eco- changes would balance themselves out eventually...but it would definitely be at a price for whoever has to endure and take responsibility for those changes