Tuesday, May 30, 2006

And So It Begins.

Hot weather + freedom of speech = rude ass men making comments out loud just cuz i'm wearing a dress.

As much as i love the weather these days, i can't stand how some men behave because of it. Yes, i understand women are going to receive a certain amount of attention because of our attire but that doesn't justify kissing noises and catcalls. And the older i get, the less patient i am with it. I'm quick to flip a bird or scream on someone. My trigger is hair-like.

and speaking of screaming on someone...i damn near got into a 3-on-2 brawl on Saturday night. yeah. me. anyone who knows me and is reading this right now (yeah right) would be highly shocked at that declaration...ok so what had happened was:

Jehan and i had gone out to see Paul Mooney at Caroline's. lemme tangent real quick and say that his show was beyond disappointing. This man is a comedy legend from way back and has now reduced himself to the most bitter, angry, and embarrassing nigger/fuck/bitch laden rants i've ever heard. There were very few "jokes"...i think the audience (and me) laughed mostly out of a sense of "i can't believe he just said that". It was wholly uncreative, lazy and annoying. He said nigger so much that it apparently made the non-black people in the audience think it was ok. I say this because when we were leaving to get our car from a parking garage, there was this drunk Italian-looking girl (she was at the show too) who saw fit to use the word a couple times, offhandedly talking about some guy. Well i don't let that kinda shit slide so i spoke up and told her that i was offended by her blatant usage of that word in my presence. In true drunk fashion, she waved me off w/her hand than proceeded to yell at me about how it was none of my business what she said since she wasn't talking to me or about me, etc. Then her two other drunk cohorts jumped in and one said what "they" all say: Your people say it! All 5 of us are yelling at each other and the situation was definitely escalating so thankfully my car showed up when it did and Jehan and I sped off into the night...

So thanks, Mr. Paul Mooney. you're doing SUCH a great job.


Piscean Princess said...

I wouldn't have been mad at you if you had punched her. And while you're at it, punch Paul Mooney and all the guys making kissing sounds at you. What are they, 8 yrs. old???

Boys (and drunk people) are dumb.

Damali said...

ok see another thing about me is i don't like to fight cuz i don't like to get hit. on some Muhammad Ali shit "i'm too pretty" :)

but seriously, the last thing i need, about to turn 35 and all, is a fresh rap sheet. cuz you know the cops would have hauled my black ass right off to jail. and it was a holiday weekend too so i'd have just been getting out on Tuesday. like J says, i chose to chill.

and on the men...i don't even know what to say. i partly blame the women who respond positively to that crap. the guys that do it keep doing it because it actually works sometimes. some dumb chick will smile and wave or give an extra wiggle when they whistle...not realizing that she's making it extra hard for the rest of us...

Jehan said...

i've revisited that moment a coupla times, w/ varying feelings. i still don't even know what to say, yo. of all places on the planet, i still can't fathom how blak people in newyorkcity have allowed littlewhiteboys and littlewhitegirls to slide on their liberal use.

imsayin', we all suspect/know that they say it amongst the security of they own, we all suspect/know that they spray it in the solitude of they heads. but how they remotely comfortable saying it in front of two blak people, tho'? @ night? in nyc?

their stark refusal to acknowledge their slip-up makes me realise that for many, only the threat of an immediate physical showdown would have brought around the verbal tone-down.

if they were men, you mighta had to demonstrate them ill driving skills in the ensuing high speed chase w/ the law.

Damali said...

i love hiphop but i blame hip hop (more specifically NWA). we started this ourselves...it's ubiquitousness in our beloved art form has given rise to a false sense of 'well if they say it to each other, so can we...as long as we don't mean it in a bad way'. and there are a lot of black hip hop heads who agree with that sentiment. so there begins the divide. and its not even just that. it also has to do with the fact that this generation is so far removed from the time when saying that word outloud (and having the wrong skin color) could bring you some serious heat. it simply isn't like that anymore.

Piscean Princess said...

Finally figured out who this Paul Mooney dude is last night while watching Bamboozled (I went into some detail about what I thought in the comments section of my site, if you're interested).