Wednesday, September 03, 2008

US Open 2008

Serena Williams, originally uploaded by meslither.

As i've posted before in this blog, I love sports. American football has always been my favorite to watch but in recent years, i've really gotten into watching baseball, football (soccer) and tennis. Watching on tv is fine but there's nothing like the live stadium experience. The energy of the crowd just makes the games so much more exciting.

I recently got to experience one of the pinnacles of stadium sport: The 2008 US Open. Ever since i've lived in the NY area (almost 13 years!) i've dreamed of taking in a match at Arthur Ashe stadium. i think i always saw it as something only the rich or the elite get to do. I've never even tried to buy tickets...but as usual, Jehan makes dreams come true.

we went twice last week...Tues night to see Venus and Federer in their 1st round matches, then on Thurs night to see Serena and Nadal in their 2nd round matches. man it was so fantastic to be there...just walking into the entrance of the tennis village...seeing all the shops and food vendors and beautifully lit fountains...i was in awe.

the action inside the stadium didn't disappoint either. all 4 of the stars easily dismissed their opponents in straight sets. so effectively in fact that we almost missed the entire Serena match on the 2nd night! she wasted no time in taking care of the poor little no name girl she was facing...but we made it in time to catch her last 3 games. her post game interview was as gracious as her serve.

she faces her sister Venus in a quarterfinal match later today. i can't be there but i will be watching on tv tonight and rooting for her.

p.s. i want those arms!

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