Monday, September 15, 2008


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He's the sweetest boy ever, but most times, he's got 2 left feet.

Our weekly outing to the Clifton Skate Zone seemed like a good opportunity to take an hour and go to the gym...usually i'm just sitting in the car doing nothing anyway. and they're old(er) and responsible with cellphones. they'll be fine, yeah?

but then intuition was like 'nah. skateboarding is dangerous. you never know what could happen while you're on the treadmill"

so i stayed. good thing i did.

somehow Frick and Frack get this bright idea to skateboard down a steep hill. Frick does it (cuz he's the better skateboarder) and makes it down with no problem. My sweet little Frack (pictured above) sees his brother do it, so he figures he can too. cuz he's older, i guess.

i see him go from kinda far way. then, i see him go DOWN. then i hear him scream. i run at top speed over there praying nothing is broken. one arm and hand scratched up pretty bad but basically ok. whew.

at least now i don't have to fight with him to put pads on anymore.

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