Monday, October 08, 2007

Not Your Average Girl.

I'm a sports fan. More specifically, I'm a football fan. Even more specifically, I'm a Philadelphia Eagles fan. But I can watch and enjoy almost any sport except for ice hockey and boxing.

In the last 4 years, i've sort of become a baseball fan. More specifically a NY Mets fan. Having two New York teams to pick from, I've sided with the Mets for two main reasons:

1. They're the underdogs. It's all about the pinstripes here. The Yankees are the top dog franchise in NY. They've got Derek Jeter and one of the most outspoken owners ever. They've been immortalized on Seinfeld, the quintessential NY tv show. Has a TV show ever embraced the Mets? I don't know. but whatever; I do. I have a soft spot for underdogs.

2. Their stadium is cheaper. I can afford field seats at Shea Stadium ($35 at certain low-tier games). i might even catch a foul ball or two. At Yankee Stadium, the same seat would be $95.

But right now, the Yankees are in the playoffs. I'm routing for them. But not because i really care if they win...i actually wish they would not. They've won enough. but i want them to win because their poor manager's job is at stake. George Steinbrenner has cruelly taunted poor Joe Torre in the media by telling anyone who'll listen (and has a microphone handy) that if the Yankees don't make it past this first round in the playoffs, Joe Torre will lose his job. Now ever time they show poor Joe Torre's face during the game, i just wanna hug him.

So i'll route for the Yankees. For now. So that poor man can keep his job.

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