Friday, October 05, 2007


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She's 57 now. I took this photo on her birthday a few weeks ago. In my opinion (and hers) it's the prettiest photo of her i've ever seen.

When i look at it, i notice mostly her eyes...that they look sort of Asian, almost. They are a completely different shape than mine are. more almond-ish.

She's 57 now. Young by some standards, old by others. She's relatively healthy but i can't help but worry what it's gonna be like when she's not. My sister lives far away so it would be down to me to take care of her. And as stubborn as she is, momma's gonna be the worst patient ever. She's not really going to want help or she will complain..i know her.

But no matter. I will do it. For her but also for me. and for my sons. because one day they will have to do the same for me so i want to show them how to be nice to an old momma.

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Piscean Princess said...

this makes me smile