Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Confessions of a Broke Apple Junkie.

In my fantasies, I own an iPhone. Steve Jobs calls me personally on it and tells me how i will get free upgrades for life just because i'm such a loyal customer. Commuters ooh and ahhh on the train as i brazenly play with it's touchscreen.

In real life, I look at photos of celebrities holding it. I salivate while watching news reports on it. I smile inside at the
marketing genius of Apple Inc.

You see, I am what is sometimes called an Apple Geek. People like us take brand loyalty to a new level. People like me (with money) wait outside Apple stores for 2 days when new products launch. I wanted to go hang out just for the experience of it. I'm sure the Apple store at 5th Avenue & 59th St in Manhattan looked like Woodstock until the iPhone went on sale. The first geek in line who bought the iPhone was probably an instant hero who emerged victoriously clutching his booty and encountered shouts and tears and cries of joy. That may have even been the crowning achievement of his lonely, sheltered life. Who knows..

All i know is I cherish my Powerbook and my Ipod. The rest, I watch humbly and jealously from the sidelines.


Piscean Princess said...

you make me laugh.

(and this is one of those afternoons where i need all the laughs i can get)

Damali said...

well i'm glad you find amusement in my Apple-induced misery. :)