Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rich Panties in a Bunch

Rich people all over Manhattan are quaking in their boots. They are having night sweats and bouts of nausea. Just the mere mention of the S word is enough to send them in a fit of hysteria. For on Friday, their doormen might go on strike.

*cue bomb sound effect*

Oh no!!! Who will open the door for them when they come back from a long day of shopping at Sak's? Who will accept packages for them while they are toiling away in their corner offices? Who will let the Circuit City guy in to install the 86" flat screen HD TV?

As one lovely millionairess at my job said today, "I can't believe my doorman is going to do this to me...I mean who is going to take care of my dry cleaning? THAT'S gonna be a huge problem.."

Stupid cow...i bet she has no idea (nor cares) why they are on the verge of striking in the first place.

In other news, I'm reading this and loving it. Especially since i'm planning to become a small business owner in the next year. The book is a little scary in that there is SO MUCH WORK involved but alot of the things he talks about I won't have to deal with just yet since i'm going the franchise route. But still. Its all very daunting nonetheless. I was even feeling a tiny bit discouraged but i snapped out of it quickly.

The first thing i know i need to learn fairly quickly is self-motivation. Because ultimately, we only have ourselves to lean on. Everyone else has their own lives and problems and worries etc and won't have time to help keep me on track w/my dreams. So i know i've got to do that for myself if i'm gonna make this happen.

For some reason, i haven't felt much like writing lately but i'm going to try harder to track my progress w/this business. Even just for the fact that it will help me see how far i come when i have those days that i want to give up.

So basically where i am now is I've decided which franchise opportunity i want to pursue, i've spoken with the CEO who is very friendly and helpful, they've sent me their info packet along with an application for me to send back....and that's where i'm sorta stuck. Well not really. I've just sorta been putting off filling it out because it means i'll have the disclose the sorry state of my debt, finances and credit. the CEO has already assured me that as long as i am paying my bills (which i am) that everything will be fine, but still. To see it laid out on paper like that is depressing. What if they reject my application and say 'uh no. we definitely don't want you as a part of our franchise, you loser.'

But i'm gonna send it in. I've given myself a deadline of Apr 28 to get it all together...


Piscean Princess said...

Good luck w/ the franchise thing. I hope you stick to your guns and meet your self-imposed deadline.

And thanks for your support and positive words on my spot regarding that business down south. It helps to know I'm not alone in my outrage.

Jehan said...

ha @ 'stupid cow'.