Thursday, April 27, 2006

Forget self-defense. Just do magic.

rom The Independent online:

Being a magician has its advantages, such as when David Copperfield made his wallet and mobile phone vanish into thin air after he and two female assistants were confronted by real-life armed robbers in Florida...He turned out his pockets, apparently empty - but in fact containing his wallet, passport and mobile phone. "Call it reverse pickpocketing," he told the Palm Beach Post.

I mean how cool is that? For me, just seeing David Copperfield's name in the news was surprise enough. Since i was a kid, he has always been my favorite magician. I'd be glued to the TV set whenever he had a special on. His deep-set, haunting eyes and intense voice were riveting, not to mention the amazing tricks he did. At one point, i actually wanted to become a magician. I used to check out magic books from the library and study them and attempt to perform the tricks.

But after a while, his popularity waned. Or maybe just the public's interest in 'magic' had worn off...until David Blaine came along.

but forget Blaine. I mean its nice to see a famous Puerto Rican* magician but he'll never be as cool as Copperfield.

*My man wanted me to say that David is Black instead of Puerto Rican but i was like "whatever..get your own blog"


Jehan said...

that's ill. imsayin', i'd always felt an affinity with blaine (appearance aside), mostly due to his concept of magic for everyday people (all that buried-alive-while-frozen-over-a-river-in-a-europe is wild extra, tho').

and you ain' slick with dem asterisks, ma.

Damali said...

Blaine gotta make money tho...i mean there ain't exactly a posting at the unemployment office looking for PuertoRican street magicians, nahmean?

oh and i'm slick, alright...