Tuesday, July 01, 2008



The 2 children that love me gave me a stuffed bear this morning that they were saving since January...just for this day. They continue to amaze and dazzle me every day of my life.

The 3 adults that love me all called at about the same time this morning to wish me well.

My life overflows with blessings and i've been reminded of that today...so then why am i melancholy? why am i happy and unhappy at the same time? (i've just realized that it's almost 11am and i haven't eat one single, solitary thing today. and i'm not hungry)

i have no issues with my age. Ageing doesn't concern me much beyond just wanting to always be able to walk upright. Once i'm hunched over, i'm ready to check outta here. I have simple needs.

i'm usually hyper-aware of my own feelings and motivations, but right now, i don't know why i'm sorta blue. or maybe i do know and just don't want to say it outloud, in my own head, or to the ether.

but yeah. Happy Birthday to me.

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