Sunday, May 04, 2008

Crutches Suck.

I've only had to use them for 2 days so far and i already despise them. I despised them after like 1 hour. People stare at you with pity. ok i don't really care about that part but under my hurts. my palms...they hurt. so then today i had the brilliant idea to just switch to one crutch to support the tender foot...ok but now the 'good foot' is hurting cuz i spent the whole fucking day leaning on it!

*throws crutches across the room*


juboom said...

what happened??

Damali said...

i sprained my ankles. yes both. i'm ok tho...i had an x-ray and thankfully nothing was broken. i'm slowly healing

Anonymous said...

i feel your pain im ready to fuckin kill myself