Friday, September 07, 2007

July 12th 2004 - Madison Square Garden

It's hard to find words to describe what this night meant to me. I was in the front row w/Mr. Walt from the Beatminerz. We were minding our own business, dancing and jamming, when P comes over to our side of the stage and politely asks if anyone would possibly like to dance with him. Of course, I curtsied and offered my assistance. He accepted.

The rest is her-story.

Part 1

Part 2


Piscean Princess said...

I'm out of my mind with jealousy at what I THINK may be revealed on this YouTube series!! I need to be a better friend & get to watching your videos & looking at your flickr page...I've been slacking. I'll catch up this week - promise!

(and if this is, in fact, a video of you & Prince dancing together, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! that is freaking awesome. you are my hero!)

Damali said...

you're so cute :) and thanks. yes that's me and him. tho i doubt he remembers me...

and you never owe me anything