Monday, November 06, 2006

School Dayz (Remix).

i found this joint in particular to be so powerful. i wanted to re-view it thru a slightly revised lens, an' i hope that ain' against the rules.

the obvious alteration is of course, the sucking out of the colour. counterintuitive tho' it might be in light of the subject matter, i felt that the colourful classroom artwork (and they lil' outfits) were vibrant enough to just slightly overpower the shorties and the map.

secondly, i softened the focus a little, to give the impression that there's almost a flash going off in fronna them (the effect's mostly visible on the left shorty's left side) - like, Afrika's brightness is stunning, yo.

anyways. hope you dig the homage to your artistic eye, V. just a different perspective is all.


Damali said...

wow. i literally gasped out loud when i saw this. hand over mouth and everything...thank you for your contribution; it's wonderful. and very very creative.

and that is actually my favorite photo of all of what were they thinking as they looked at the photo?

Coldbrainiac said...

you welcome, and thank you too. but yo, now that did it, i've settled on your original as certainly the more powerful of the pair.

the whole point is that the shorties is scopin' the map, that they're enthralled by afrika. i mean, looking at mine closely, afrika's apparent. but in yours, it jumps out at the viewer (and more importantly, the shorties). it's perimeter is more defined, perhaps via the contrast of the ocean w/ the coast. ion't know.

either way, yours is tha bomb.