Saturday, August 12, 2006

Finally My Dry Spell Is Over.

I was starting to think I wasn't going to win anything ever again. The last time i won a sweepstakes was in January. I won a year subscription to my favorite magazine, GAMES. Then i didn't win any for a long, long time. I mean I spend about an hour a day entering them and deal with lots of spam but every now and then there's a payoff.

I win lots of little things like t-shirts, movie tickets, books, toys, a travel chair, and other trinkets but my biggest win was a trip to Birmingham, England to see Duran Duran in concert (I sqeezed in a lovely side-trip to London, too). That came via telephone from a rep at Sony Records...I couldn't believe it. I mean nobody really wins trips, do they? Well yup. I'm living proof of that.

Well anyway, i got a letter in the mail today from Best Buy saying that I'd won a Sony Cybershot digital camera from a World Cup prediction sweep I had entered. (now i REALLY love Sony) It should be shipped to me in 4 to 6 weeks...yay!!!! And i had been kinda slacking with entering sweeps cuz it had been sooooo long since i'd won anything substantial.

So i guess imma be back on the grind again...

and i may just start a new photo blog :)


iaintlying said...

Awesome! I didn't know anybody really entered those sweepstakes and actually won. I might have to start tosssing my hat in the ring! :-)

Damali said...

you ever go in the mall and see those local drawings for cars and things? and you gotta write your name etc on a sheet of paper? those are the best odds of winning because so few people enter them. A friend of mine won a trip to Disneyworld for her and her family from a local sweep like's real

iaintlying said...

Yeah, I know the ones you talking bout. Imma get on that. Thanks.