Tuesday, July 11, 2006


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On July 1, I turned thirty-five years old. In this audiopost, I talk a little about how i feel about that and also provide a guide to the photos below. After listening to it again myself, I think my voice sounds a bit dead but that's only because i was sad while i was talking..


Piscean Princess said...

I am like a 5 year old right now - I've got ants in my pants & I haven't even listened yet!!!!

Ok, ok, ok, I'm gonna listen now.

Piscean Princess said...

Is that the sad voice? It sounded more like sleepy to me. But I guess you would know.

You are beautiful. That smile! That hair! I feel you about the categories on forms & stuff. I'm always happy when I go up on the income range line, but they have such strange ways of dividing up the age groups. And I know you're thinking, "What the hell do I have in common with a 49 year old? I am young and hot and furthermore, I have a new dress! Sheesh!"

I love your boys - they make funny kid faces and it's super cute.

So speaking of accents, yours wasn't what I expected. Do you have West Indian or Carribean roots?

I wish you weren't sad. But I wish I wasn't sad too. I figure that as actors, we ought to be able to act happy and eventually it will stick. (Or India will start singing and it will all come crumbling down.)

Damali said...

you so cute when you're excited!!!

ok after listening a third time, it was more sad in the beginning then i recovered cuz i realized that i was monotone-ing.

accent? hm. well i'm not of caribbean descent...i tend to think that my accent is an amalgamation of all the accents i've ever heard in my life that appealed to me. Beyond having an American accent, no one ever seems to be able to place me in one region or another..the way i talk has changed alot over the years and will keep changing.

i wish we weren't sad to. and reading you saying that brought tears to my eyes. i act happy all the time. most people that come in contact with me have no idea how deeply sad i am. It's kind of like if you walked into someone's backyard and you see a pool party going on. Everyone is laughing and playing, there's music, kids are frolicking in the pool, the sun is shining. Idyllic. But then you walk over and look into the pool and see a dead body anchored to the bottom.

That entire scenario represents me.

ToastedSuzy said...

I feel really stupid and more intrusive than usual because I've just heard your voice as well as reading what you've written, and this is my first time visiting your blog.

But I've never seen entries like these audio blogs--yours and Piscean Princess'. This is lovely. The whole idea of it is beautiful.

I feel like I should apologize for listening -- I guess because it's so much like eaves-dropping on a stranger--but that's also why it's beautiful.

I wish I had the guts to do something like this, but I don't.

Anyway, sorry, thanks, sorry.



Piscean Princess said...

it's wierd because I never think about being sad until somebody else says/does/sings something (ie. Nikki, I take it all back). i have gotten pretty good at talking myself out of it though. it usually doesn't last more than a few hours, and then I'm back to clowning around and being silly again. but i know our current circumstances are a bit different, particularly since I've had almost 19 months to get used to my new situation.

one of these days I'll do another audiopost when I'm feeling goofy and ridiculous (which is most of the time), and it'll be like a whole contrast thing.

Damali said...

you are welcome to read and listen and comment to your heart's content. there is absolutely no reason for you to feel stupid or intrusive or sorry since by virtue of my posting publicly/online, you were invited in the first place :)

and thank you for your kind words..

Miss Princess:

i think that's a great idea! when i'm feeling silly/goofy again, i will make another audio post for contrast. you are brilliant.

Jehan said...

seems like you and your friends had a great time. they smiles say a lot. and you ain' sounded sad either, just chill.

wish i coulda been there.

Damali said...

i've chosen to chill, trust me on that.

and i wish you had been there too. that's the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wishes..

contrasounds said...

that first(g'mom and g'son) and last(kids with face paint) picture are just wonderful on a Gordon Parks this is black culture black love.

Just the shot of your mom feeding marius showed a very human nurturing side to your mom that i know you usually don't feel and also that older generation passing down something or guiding the young was just a beautiful statement

Damali said...


thank you...but i can't help wonder who you are...

iaintlying said...

Nice voice! You are absolutely beautiful. Happy belated birthday.
be encouraged.

Damali said...

thank ya, thank ya!